Pick Your Own Strawberries

New to Rocky Knob Farms in 2018 we're excited to offer pick your own

strawberries! We've started small with a 1/2 acre patch of four different strawberry

varieties. Picking will begin late May and continue through June and as long as we

have strawberries left to pick. 

Picking Hours, Availability & Prices

We'll be open every day 7:00am - 7:00pm from the start of the strawberry harvest season until the last strawberries are gone. For the most up to date information follow our Facebook page, Rocky Knob Farms, where you'll find daily updates about what varieties are available and if our hours have changed based on weather or availability. Pick your strawberries will be priced at $2.00/lb. Pre-weighed buckets are available at the farm so don't worry about bringing your own. Our certified scales will be set up to weigh strawberries you've picked when you're ready to head home. 

Strawberry Varieties 

We have chosen to grow our strawberries in a plastic bed, also known as plasticulture. There are a few important reasons why we chose this; 1) Plasticulture allows us to have better control over the potential growth of the strawberries. Under each row of plastic a water drip tape runs down the middle of the row allowing us to give the strawberries exactly the amount of water and fertilizer they need and wasting less in the long run. 2) Plasticulture keeps the soil around the strawberry plants warmer, more moist and doesn't allow near as many weeds to grow. The less weeds the better! 3) Plasticulture strawberries are typically only 'good' for one season. Varieties of strawberries that are grown in plasticulture produce significantly greater amounts of berries in their first season than in later seasons. So after this years harvest is finished we'll pull up and compost this years plants and start all over for 2019.

This year our strawberry varieties include: 

     Sweet Charlie - Generally produces 7 to 10 days earlier than Chandler strawberry plants.

     Chandler- This variety continues to produce excellent volumes of beautiful, great tasting fruit. Known for its excellent flavor, color, and medium to large size.

     Ruby June - Has a dark exterior and interior color. It is rated very high in taste.

     Camino Real - Camino Real has good flavor. 

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